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a professional web development portfolio

airdev - cloud systems architect and developer

cloud development | aws devops | selenium webdriver

Ongoing Project - Started Fall 2017

  • architected cloud-based tool used with bubble applications
  • transformed basic “no-code” tool to the cloud using Selenium WebDriver and AWS’ EC2/S3/Lambda
  • bubble visual development framework
  • working in an agile team environment

airdev - kickboxing crm

full-stack development | serverless framework

Winter-Spring 2018

  • joined a medium sized team (>10 people) on a client project
  • led performance and security efforts on the application, decreasing page size by over 98% on most data-intensive page
  • implemented application data exports
  • connected app with various api services and custom functions on aws lambda
  • working in an flexible agile/scrum-esque team environment

airdev fellowship - visual web development

design skills | project management | full-stack development

Summer 2017

  • developed 2 web applications from start to end of initial development cycle in 6 weeks
  • integrated applications with external SMS and voice call APIs
  • thoroughly tested apps' display and UX on mobile, tablet and desktops
  • bubble visual development framework
  • working in an agile team environment

econometric analysis on Brazilian macroeconomic and social indicators

econometrics | data analysis | data visualization | python

Summer 2017

  • conducted independent econometric analysis on Brazilian social indicators (MHDI)
  • used python pandas (data analysis library) to compare effects of education, health, and income on each other
  • carried out fixed effects regression with dummy variales for location and time
  • professional report presentation
  • synthesis of economic theory, econometrics and historical analysis

email newsletter process improvement

grunt | js | precompiling assets | scss

April 2017

  • automated html email testing
  • developed responsive marketing emails with cross-browser compatibility
  • todo: description of project task
  • todo: description of project task
  • todo: description of project task

detroit partnership

wordpress | php | responsive web development | content management

spring 2016

  • updated website to be responsive (mobile, tablet and full-size)
  • modified a wordpress template and set up a local wordpress dev environment on my chromebook/linux hybrid
  • used google maps API and improved layout of program registration page
  • CMS experience
  • web hosting experience (hostgator, FTP)

course guide app

flask | python | github | APIs | team project

spring 2016

  • google maps API + university of michigan course guide API
  • python used to dynamically serve content
  • worked in a team setting with various complementary skillsets
  • handled web hosting (heroku)
  • Github use on a team project

microblogging | twitter clone

ruby on rails | heroku | github | app development

summer 2015

  • ruby on rails gems used extensively: authentication/authorization, user profiles, encryption, pagination
  • relationships between models essential to app (follow/unfollow feature)
  • set up Rails dev environment on a newly installed Linux/crouton system (Ubuntu 14.04)
  • worked with sporadic internet access, often developing locally offline

speaksy ("speak-easy")

ruby on rails | full stack development | group work

summer 2015

  • went through first stages of start-up agile development method
  • formed a development team and entered into a funding competition
  • used collaborative tools like trello
  • built barebones of application
  • management experience

co-founder Santos made this website when we began to work on the project, conceptualizing speakeasy as an open-sourced language learning platform

my dev environment

devops | bash scripting | postgresql | aws

Chrome OS/Ubuntu/OSX

  • dual-booting Chrome OS and Ubuntu through crouton, which allows simultaneous running of both
  • Ubuntu 14.04, considering switching to systemd from upstart init process
  • very comfortable on command line - I prefer this powerful tool over window-based environments for many projects
  • now working on a macbook air for work at airdev

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